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The 7 Best Digital Sales Room Software for Elevating Buyer Interactions

Is your sales team struggling to close deals? Maybe you have a vague idea of what’s going wrong. Perhaps you know what’s wrong, but overhauling your business processes feels too overwhelming. 

If you’re not sure whether or not your entire sales process or team could be more efficient and effective, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Inefficient processes: Do sales reps spend a lot of time handling administrative tasks manually? 
  • Ineffective communication: Is it difficult to communicate between teams and with prospects? 
  • Disorganisation: Do follow-ups, communications, and sales materials frequently get lost in the shuffle?
  • No personalisation: Are your sales materials generic and overly focused on pushing your message?
  • Poor buyer insight: Is your team struggling to figure out what buyers want or unable to identify the high-quality leads?
  • Compliance, security, and privacy risks: Have you encountered some compliance issues? Had problems with security or privacy leaks?

Did you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions? Maybe they all sound familiar. Your team needs help to overcome these roadblocks, and the solution might be simpler than you think.

Digital sales rooms empower teams with the tools they need to work more efficiently and deliver an outstanding buyer experience. The best digital sales room software helps you structure the sales pipeline, oversee every prospect at every stage of the sales process, and craft a personalised journey that wows the buyer.

What Is a Digital Sales Room?

A digital sales room is the ultimate solution for B2B sales teams. 

These collaborative virtual spaces are secure and provide a personalised, centralised location for each prospective buyer. Your team can easily communicate with prospects in the digital sales room and share sales materials at each sales pipeline stage. Plus, they create a seamless transition from the sales cycle to new customer onboarding.

Some people refer to digital sales rooms as the future of B2B sales, but they are here now and offering a comprehensive solution. Teams struggling to stand out in the digital sales world can discover several advantages with these collaborative workspaces:

  • Increased efficiency: Automate mundane administrative tasks, use customisable templates, and structure an effective sales pipeline.
  • Collaboration and better communication: Interact with prospects in the digital sales room through live chat and comments to ensure they have the necessary information when they need it.
  • Organisation of sales materials: Maintain all relevant sales materials in the workspace so everyone can access the same information. Easily add new materials as needed to keep the deal moving forward.
  • Personalised/customised buyer journey: Impress every prospect with a tailored buyer journey.
  • Better buyer insights: Know when your buyer interacts with sales materials and how long they spend viewing each piece so you can time follow-ups accordingly.
  • Increased security: Ensure privacy and security for each workspace while remaining compliant with relevant laws and regulations.
  • More effective, productive sales processes: Operate from one collaborative workspace for each prospect to reduce the back-and-forth emails and tracking attachments.

Digital Sales Room Software Must-Have Features  

It feels like more platforms pop up every day offering digital sales rooms, but they aren’t all created equal. The best digital sales room software will include the following features as a bare minimum:

  • Document organisation and sharing: You should be able to easily store, share, and edit all sales materials.
  • Communication tools: Your sales reps should be able to communicate with prospects in real time. Look for live chat and commenting features.
  • Security: Only those involved in the deal can access the workspace.
  • Automation tools: Automating some tasks, like follow-ups and meeting reminders, is necessary to boost efficiency.
  • Tracking capabilities: You need insight into how buyers interact with sales materials to deliver the best possible experience.
  • Integrations: If it doesn’t work with your existing sales tools, the platform isn’t useful.
Comparing the Best Digital Sales Room Software

Comparing the Best Digital Sales Room Software

Choosing the right digital sales room software isn’t easy with so many platforms at your disposal. From integrations to user interfaces, there’s a lot to consider. The following list and comparisons should help you narrow your choices to find the best fit for your team.


Forward’s digital sales room is a collaborative workspace to empower B2B sales teams and provide the resources they need to boost buyer engagement. 

This platform aims to support remote teams by providing access to everything they need to create the ultimate buyer experience. Instead of relying on email chains with stacks of links, Forward makes it possible to include all relevant sales materials in a centralised hub. 

Crafting a custom workspace for each buyer adds that wow factor to customer interactions and starts deals off on the right foot. Plus, it creates a seamless buyer journey that begins at first contact and continues through the new customer onboarding process.

Key Features:

  • Multi-media embed allows teams to consolidate all sales materials in one place. It’s easy to find key documents and information at any time.
  • Live chat and comments allow your sales reps to communicate with buyers in the workspace openly. Provide timely responses and ensure everyone’s on the same page.
  • Personalise a workspace for every buyer to build a tailored sales experience that addresses their individual pain points and concerns.
  • Track how your buyers engage with sales materials to optimise your follow-ups and close deals faster.


  • Craft interactive, engaging Mutual Action Plans to impress buyers, structure deals, and keep all parties on the same page.
  • Access a library of expert templates to save time and ensure consistency. There’s an option to fit any sales scenario.
  • 30+ integrations allow you to use your favourite sales tools with Forward’s digital sales room.
  • Take advantage of a free trial to see how Forward can support your team.


  • It’s a relatively new platform that is still growing and adding new features.

Who Should Try Forward:

Forward is ideal for start-ups and fast-growing tech companies looking for support as they expand. This platform will help sales teams stand out from the competition and impress clients in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


EnableUs is another collaborative workspace platform designed to improve the buyer experience. Mindtickle acquired EnableUs in May 2023 as an addition to their sales enablement and revenue productivity products.

Create a workspace for every lead with all the sales materials you need to complete the deal. You can create Mutual Action Plans to share and access from that workspace.


  • User-friendly interface is easy to learn.
  • Provides helpful information about content usage.
  • Solid customer support.


  • Some of the features go through MindTickle as a separate feature, like onboarding and training.
  • The user interface is easy to use but so minimalistic that it lacks some useful features.
  • The search feature needs improvement, especially when searching through so many documents.

EnableUs vs. Forward

At first glance, EnableUs looks quite similar to Forward, but it doesn’t go as deep into any of the features. For example, EnableUs offers customisation options and analytics that aren’t as robust as Forward’s. You also get fewer integrations with EnableUs, so it won't be an easy transition if you don’t use one of the four CRMs they list.

Who Should Try EnableUs:

Small businesses may consider EnableUs to structure a more efficient workflow, track customer data, and focus more on the buyer experience. Mid-market and enterprise-level teams may be disappointed in the lack of features.


Dock is a US-based company offering a digital sales room with personalised workspaces, pricing quotes, content, customer relationship management, and project plans. This software allows you to create client portals, Mutual Action Plans, and new customer onboarding plans. You can also use it to craft internal materials, like project designs and video production plans.

Like other digital sales room software, Dock offers integrations with several popular tools, including Google platforms, YouTube, and Microsoft tools (like Excel and PowerPoint). You also get some built-in features that negate the need for additional tools, like document signing and video production.


  • Intuitive editing features for each page type, including text editors and linking.
  • Craft proposals, pricing quotes, and order forms for each deal.
  • Built-in e-signature features allow you to complete deals in the platform without using additional tools like DocuSign.


  • Some aspects of the interface aren’t as user-friendly as others, like working with other sales tools.
  • You have to log in every time you go to use the platform. There are also some issues with randomly getting logged out.
  • There is a limited archive of templates, so you often start from scratch.

Dock vs. Forward

Dock offers many similar features, including Mutual Action Plans and customisable workspaces. The platform has more integrations than EnableUs but doesn’t offer as many as Forward. Dock also has some clunky aspects to the user interface, making it less user-friendly than Forward.

Who Should Try Dock:

Small to mid-sized companies can benefit from Dock, especially if you want the added features like e-signature. It may lack some of the user-friendliness that other platforms offer, but you get some extra tools, and it is a newer evolving platform. 

Emphasise Buyer Engagement Throughout the Sales Journey With Forward’s Digital Sales Room 


DealHub is one of the most comprehensive sales tools available with various features. The digital sales room, or deal room, is only one part of a larger package that includes a revenue hub, CPQ, contract manager, and billing coordinator.

This platform aims to provide everything a team needs from beginning to end without pulling in additional sales tools. DealHub only discusses integrations with CRMs because they plan to provide everything else. 

There may be some missing aspects since there’s no discussion of social media management or marketing features. Given that a primary focus for digital sales rooms is the alignment of sales and marketing teams for customer success, it might be something to consider before signing up.


  • Access to a comprehensive learning centre providing guides, videos, infographics, a blog, and more.
  • Excellent security features for every aspect of the platform.
  • Reduces the number of sales tools you need by providing additional capabilities through the platform.


  • Expect to pay a premium for these services, and you may need to upgrade your plan to access all the necessary resources.
  • Might not support the alignment between marketing and sales teams.

DealHub vs. Forward

DealHub offers a more comprehensive suite than Forward from a strictly sales perspective, but it is missing some of the integrations and capabilities you might want. Forward has more integrations, allowing you to use existing sales tools rather than shifting everything over. 

Who Should Try DealHub:

Notably, DealHub caters more to well-established sales and marketing leaders at larger firms rather than setting teams up for scalability. Midsize to enterprise-level companies with aligned marketing and sales teams might benefit more from the suite of sales tools.


GetAccept provides digital sales rooms in two parts. Prospects start in the Deal Room from the first meeting and continue until they reach the proposal stage. At that point, sales reps shift into the Contract Room to complete the deal. 

One of the key selling points for GetAccept is the built-in electronic signature with the option to sign in real-time. The platform also offers several automation options to boost efficiency by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.


  • Offers several integrations to cover many sales tools.
  • One of the best document signing options available.
  • Responsive customer support.


  • The digital sales room and contract room are separate functions.
  • There’s a definite learning curve to master the user interface for presentations.

GetAccept vs. Forward

GetAccept offers built-in electronic signature options but doesn’t have as many templates or customisation options as Forward. While Forward offers a free trial, GetAccept only provides a demo of their platform. There’s also a notable price difference, with GetAccept coming in higher, which might be out of reach for smaller and newer firms.

Who Should Try GetAccept:

Small to mid-sized companies who place a lot of emphasis on having the electronic signature feature might prefer GetAccept. It may not be worth the price jump if you already have a functional document signing service and presentation creator.


Trumpet provides sales teams with the tools to create buyer-centric experiences. Like other platforms on this list, Trumpet offers personalisation, Mutual Action Plans, voice recording, buyer and customer engagement, analytics, and several integrations. It is one of the platforms that encourages alignment between sales and marketing teams.

You can also sign agreements with the proprietary TrumpetSign feature. However, if you already use DocuSign, there is an integration for Trumpet, so you can keep using it.


  • Learn more about the product and how to maximise it through the Resources Hub.
  • Test it individually for one month for free before committing to one of the many paid tiers.
  • You can duplicate a pod, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. 


  • There’s a bit of a learning curve on how to set up and use the pods.
  • Somewhat limited in the ability to personalise pods and materials.
  • It’s still growing, so some features are in the works but unavailable.

Trumpet vs. Forward

There are many similarities between Trumpet and Forward, more so than any others on this list. For some people, it might come down to personal preference regarding the interface, but others might consider the pricing a deal breaker.

Who Should Try Trumpet:

Small to midsize firms looking for the tools to impress buyers might consider Trumpet. It offers a range of pricing tiers and a free trial to test its functionality.


Allego positions itself as revenue enablement software for the modern era. It delivers a suite of sales enablement, training, and coaching tools. Digital sales rooms are just one piece of the puzzle for Allego, as the company aims to be a one-stop shop for sales teams.

This platform represents the gold standard for established, high-level companies who can afford the premium price tag.


  • Tap into additional sales tools, like coaching and enterprise-level training.
  • Access premium features, including detailed analytics.


  • Might be too much power and too high an investment for startups and smaller firms hoping to scale.

Allego vs. Forward

Allego is a powerful platform with more features than Forward offers, but it is likely too involved for startups and smaller firms. 

Who Should Try Allego:

Midsize and enterprise-level companies who aren’t satisfied with DealHub might want to try Allego. It offers a powerhouse of tools and educational sources with a wide range of solutions to meet business needs.

Emphasise Buyer Engagement Throughout the Sales Journey With Forward’s Digital Sales Room 

It’s not easy to excite a buyer about your product by sending emails with links and attachments. That’s why a digital sales room should be part of your strategies to move deals forward. They help sales teams work more efficiently while providing a more buyer-centric experience. 

The best digital sales room software helps you take buyers on an interactive, engaging journey from the first meeting through new customer onboarding. Leveraging digital sales rooms for every deal boosts buyer engagement and makes joint success possible.

Forward’s digital sales room provides everything your sales team needs to succeed by consolidating all sales materials into a centralised hub. You can personalise micro-sites for each buyer to create an outstanding first impression and eliminate the cumbersome back-and-forth email chains.

You don’t have to give up your CRM or other favourite sales tools because Forward offers over 30 seamless integrations. Your team won’t miss a beat!

Tap into the buyer engagement analytics to know what materials your buyer engages with most. Not only can you get a better idea of what your buyers are thinking, but you can also set timely follow-ups.

Empower your sales team to boost buyer engagement and close more deals with Forward’s digital sales room. Try it free today!

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