Demo Follow-Up Template

The time after a product demo is when businesses work to keep interest alive, clear up questions, and steer potential clients toward making informed choices.

About this template

Forward’s Demo Follow-Up Template is a dynamic solution strategically crafted to optimize post-demo follow-ups. It gets around the problems with regular letters by giving sellers and potential buyers a more personalized and engaging experience.

This template efficiently guides users through a methodical process, featuring a carefully crafted overview, a concise recap of significant challenges, a mutual action plan, and a compelling presentation of product nuances via recordings and slides in a digital sales room. The emphasis is on tailoring content to meet the unique needs of individual buyers, coupled with tools for seamless communication, scheduling, and real-time content updates.

What's included

Mutual Action Plan
How do you follow-up after a demo?

Following up after a demo is a critical step in the sales process. To effectively follow up, consider these strategies:

Personalization: Tailor your follow-up to address the specific interests and concerns of each prospect based on insights gained during the demo.

Reinforce Key Points: Reiterate the main benefits of your product or service mentioned during the demo to emphasize the value proposition.

Engage with Multimedia: Incorporate multimedia elements like videos, interactive charts, and dynamic presentations to create a more immersive experience.

Offer Relevant Resources: Share supplementary resources such as whitepapers, case studies, or testimonials that are pertinent to the prospect's industry or challenges.

Measure and Analyze Engagement: Leverage platforms like Forward's Digital Sales Room to gain insights into prospect engagement, enabling informed and timely responses.

Prompt for Next Steps: Clearly outline the next steps in the sales process, whether it's scheduling a follow-up call, exploring specific features, or setting up a meeting with key stakeholders.

Stay Open to Feedback: Encourage prospects to share their concerns, questions, or feedback, demonstrating transparency and commitment to their needs. Shift to

Interactive Platforms: Move away from traditional emails and utilize interactive platforms like Forward's Digital Sales Room for a consolidated and engaging post-demo experience.

What are the benefits of Forward's demo follow-up template?

Forward’s Demo Follow-Up Template offers a streamlined and efficient approach to post-demo interactions:

Centralized Content: It consolidates the entire post-demo experience into a single digital space, eliminating the need to sift through countless emails.

Tailored Experiences: The template allows for a personalized approach, customizing the digital room to resonate with each buyer's unique needs.

Cohesive Toolset: It integrates various tools used during demos, providing a cohesive and organized space for easy access to all relevant materials.

Insightful Engagement Tracking: Forward provides clear insights into buyer interactions, allowing you to understand how prospects engage with shared materials.

Clear Next Steps with Mutual Action Plans: The template outlines transparent next steps, providing a shared vision for both sellers and buyers in the sales process.

By leveraging Forward’s Demo Follow-Up Template, you can enhance your post-demo follow-up process, foster connections, and move closer to closing deals in a more organized and engaging manner.

Who should use Forward's demo follow-up template?
  1. Sales Teams: Sales teams responsible for conducting product demos and engaging with prospects can leverage the Demo Follow-up Template to ensure a consistent and structured approach to post-demo communication.
  2. Account Executives: Account executives managing client relationships and sales opportunities can use the Demo Follow-up Template to reinforce key points from the demo, address client queries, and move the sales process forward.
  3. Customer Success Teams: Customer success teams conducting demos for existing clients can utilize the Demo Follow-up Template to reinforce the value of the product, address any concerns, and ensure ongoing satisfaction.
  4. Sales Managers: Sales managers overseeing demo processes within their teams can use the Demo Follow-up Template to set follow-up standards, provide guidance, and ensure a cohesive and effective approach to post-demo communication.
When should you use Forward's demo follow-up template?

Post-Demo Communication: After providing a product demonstration, use the Demo Follow-up Template to send a well-crafted and personalized follow-up message to the prospect.

Lead Nurturing: For leads generated through product demos, employ the Demo Follow-up Template to nurture the relationship, address any questions or concerns, and guide the prospect through the next steps in the sales process.

Sales Opportunities: In situations where a product demo has generated potential sales opportunities, use the Demo Follow-up Template to reinforce the value proposition, highlight key features, and encourage further discussion.

Next Steps Communication: Clearly outline the next steps in the sales process using the Demo Follow-up Template, providing a roadmap for the prospect and facilitating a smooth transition to the next stage.