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Most popular templates

Stand out and book more meetings

What you can get with this template
Create interest and book a meeting or demo. Present your value proposition, product demo and testimonies in one personalised space.
Who this template is for:
SDRs or AE looking to book a first meeting with a prospect.

Create engaging proposals that win deals

What you can get with this template
Make your proposal interactive and engaging. Share pricing and terms for sign-off. Add your product demos, presentation, use cases to give the context you buyers need.
Who this template is for:
AE looking to get the deal across the finish line

Move the deal forward after a demo.

What you can get with this template
Centralise everything your buyers need after a meeting to evaluate your company and get to the next stage. Share a personalised space with meeting notes, Zoom recordings, next steps, demo video & slides
Who this template is for:
AE looking to impress their champion and set their deal for success

Manage complex deals more efficiently

What you can get with this template
Assign tasks, set deadlines, and align on the next steps for a well-organised and transparent process.
Who this template is for:
Account executives, sales managers and sales engineers looking to structure their enterprise sales process and collaborate efficitenly
Create alignment on the process

Seamlessly onboard new customers

What you can get with this template
Create a frictionless and structured onboarding processes to get new customers on board. Centralise your ressources and interactive plans to make it easy for them to find information get started.
Who this template is for:
Customer Success Teams looking to deliver a great first impression to their new customers.

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