Quarterly Business Review Template

The Forward quarterly business review (QBR) template is a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate the process of conducting strategic and insightful business reviews on a quarterly basis.

About this template

This template is tailored to provide a structured framework for businesses to evaluate key performance indicators, assess goals, and analyze achievements and challenges.

In addition to the textual presentation, consider embedding or showcasing a live report from platforms such as Google Data Studio or Looker. This approach allows users to access a dynamic and interactive representation, providing them with the complete scope of the insights and enhancing their overall experience.

What's included

30-days review
60-days review
90-days review
What is a business review template?

A business review template is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of a company's performance, strategies, and overall operations. It typically involves a review of financial metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and strategic initiatives.

What are the benefits of Forward's quarterly business review template?

Forward's Business Review Template offers several benefits for businesses:

Comprehensive Analysis: The template provides a structured framework for conducting a thorough analysis of various business aspects, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic review.

Efficiency: Saves time and resources by offering predefined sections and prompts, streamlining the business review process and facilitating quicker insights.

Consistent Reporting: Ensures consistency in reporting across different business units or over multiple review periods, making it easier to track progress and trends over time.

Objective Evaluation: Facilitates an objective evaluation of key performance indicators (KPIs), financial metrics, and other critical factors, contributing to unbiased decision-making.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Enables businesses to derive insights from data trends, helping in informed decision-making for strategic improvements and course corrections.

Performance Tracking: Allows businesses to track and monitor their performance over time, identifying areas of success and those that may require attention or improvement.

Enhanced Communication: Provides a standardised and organised format for communicating the business's current state, goals, and strategies, fostering clear communication within the organization.

Team Alignment: Helps align teams and departments by offering a consistent method for assessing performance, setting goals, and communicating expectations, fostering a shared understanding of business objectives.

Strategic Planning Support: Supports strategic planning initiatives by providing a structured approach to analyzing market trends, competitive landscapes, and internal capabilities.

Facilitates Decision-Making: Serves as a valuable tool for management in making well-informed decisions based on a comprehensive assessment of the business's overall performance.

In summary, Forward's Business Review Template is designed to enhance efficiency, consistency, and data-driven decision-making in the business review process, ultimately contributing to the business's long-term success and growth.

Who should use Forward's quarterly business review template?

Forward's Quarterly Client Business Review Template is designed for use by various stakeholders involved in managing client relationships and business development. The individuals or groups who can benefit from using the template include:

Account Managers: Account managers responsible for overseeing and nurturing client relationships can use the template to conduct structured quarterly reviews with clients, ensuring satisfaction and identifying opportunities for growth.

Sales Teams: Sales teams can leverage the template to assess the performance of ongoing deals, identify upselling opportunities, and gather feedback from clients to enhance future sales strategies.

Customer Success Teams: Customer success teams can utilize the template to monitor and evaluate the success of customer onboarding, track customer satisfaction, and collaborate with clients on ongoing improvement initiatives.

Client Services Teams: Teams responsible for delivering services to clients can use the template to review service performance, address any issues, and collaborate with clients to ensure their evolving needs are met.

Executives and Leadership Teams: Executives and leadership teams can use the template for high-level reviews of key client relationships, ensuring alignment with overall business goals and objectives.

When should use Forward's quarterly client business review template?

Regular Client Assessments: Conduct quarterly reviews to assess the health of client relationships, ensuring that both parties are aligned on goals, objectives, and expectations.

Performance Tracking: Use the template to track and evaluate the performance of products, services, or projects delivered to clients during the quarter, identifying successes and areas for improvement.

Strategic Planning: Incorporate the template into quarterly strategic planning sessions with clients, ensuring that both parties are aligned on long-term objectives and the steps needed to achieve them.

Client Communication: Utilize the template as a structured communication tool during quarterly client meetings, ensuring that all key aspects of the client relationship are covered and discussed.

Performance Metrics Review: Review key performance metrics, such as customer satisfaction scores, service delivery timelines, and other relevant KPIs, using the template to analyze trends and make data-driven decisions.