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How To Win Deals Faster With Digital Sales Rooms

Are you frustrated by the long B2B sales cycle? Is your sales team feeling overwhelmed and inefficient with prospects slipping through the cracks?

Maybe you’re struggling to appease the many stakeholders involved in your buyer’s decision-making process. The number of decision-makers seems to grow by the day, making it difficult to address all of their concerns and questions. 

You’re not alone. Many sales teams are looking for ways to work more efficiently, engage their buyers, and close deals faster. 

It’s easy to shift into problem-solving mode, tackling one issue at a time. You might turn to many different platforms and software solutions to help with each thing. Then, your team runs into the struggle of keeping track of all of those solutions. It’s easier to get things lost in the shuffle and miss out on important opportunities.

While juggling all of these new platforms, your team must continue creating an engaging, interactive sales journey that holds a buyer’s attention and provides support. 

What if there were a tool that solved all of your greatest challenges while helping you close more deals faster?

Forward’s Digital Sales Rooms offer the ultimate solution for B2B teams to make an impact on buyers and convert more sales. What is a digital sales room? Imagine a virtual space allowing collaboration between your sales team and buyers from first contact through onboarding and beyond. 

What Is a Digital Sales Room?

You might know a digital sales room by another name. Some people prefer to use other terms, like deal room, sales microsite, sales smart room, business relationship workspace, or digital sales proposal. They all represent the same thing - a digital workspace for navigating and closing deals.

Whatever term you prefer, a digital sales room is a collaborative workspace for buyers and sellers. It’s a powerful tool that supports sales teams in delivering an exceptional buyer experience. Each space is private and secure, so only your team and buyer can access the materials and chats.

Creating a personalised workspace for each buyer delivers a unique and impressive experience from the first contact. Digital sales rooms help structure and guide the buyer’s journey to create a seamless and engaging experience. 

But it’s more than that. 

When you use digital sales rooms throughout the sales cycle, it also supports negotiations, proposals, and even new client onboarding. You don’t have to worry about clunky handoffs between your sales teams or unnecessary delays. Simply pull new team members into the personalised workspace and let them contribute to the deal without missing a beat.

Working with Forward makes it easy to deliver the outstanding customer service and support buyers expect. When you impress buyers from the beginning, you set the groundwork for an exceptional experience that you need to deliver at every stage of the sales process.

How Digital Sales Rooms Enable Buyers

Using digital channels creates a structured, streamlined buyer journey that reduces the time spent in the sales funnel. It also makes an exceptional buyer experience by maintaining all relevant sales collateral and materials in one place, leveraging interactive elements, and creating open communication.  

Did you know? 77% of B2B buyers reported having extremely complex to difficult sales experiences. Making the sales and purchasing process too difficult or overwhelming can cost you sales.

When you start the customer relationship with a sales enablement platform, you wow the prospect from that first contact. More than that, you create a user-friendly, streamlined sales journey that’s easier to follow and less frustrating for your buyer.


What does your current approach look like? Maybe you send an email with a list of links to important information. Many sales teams take the same approach, meaning your buyers get too many of those emails. You don’t stand out from the competition and run the risk of getting lost in the shuffle, or worse, a spam box.

Instead of generic emails with lists of links, digital sales rooms allow you to send prospects a single link to a personalised workspace with valuable, relevant information. You’ll wow them with a unique approach, and It’s easy to navigate. 


The old way involves maintaining multiple emails. Maybe you make it to a subfolder in the inbox, but that’s about as organised as it gets. 

With a digital sales room, it’s easy to keep track of all relevant information. Your buyer can request more information through the personalised micro-site and receive it in the same space. They can access all deal-related information and track your communications through that one space.

Increased transparency

Since your buyer’s decision-makers can access all materials anytime, they can all see the same information. There’s less back and forth, you eliminate the he-said, she-said variables, and that adds up to greater transparency. A digital sales room ensures everyone is on the same page at each stage.

Streamlined experience

With everything in one place, you can draw in other team members as needed and guide buyers through the deal cycle without shifting to different workspaces or platforms. 

A digital sales room is a one-stop shop for every deal or sale. It seamlessly transitions sales interactions from the buying journey into the onboarding process, so nothing gets lost along the way. Everyone involved is on the same page at every point, so your buyer is never left wondering what’s next.

For example, when you close the deal, you can pull your onboarding team into the existing workspace to take over. Your buyer doesn’t need to shift to a new platform or wait for another team to contact them. It’s all seamless for them.


B2B buyers don’t want a generic sales experience, and digital sales rooms offer personalised workspaces for a tailored experience. You create a customised space for each prospect with their branding clearly on display from the first meeting. As deals progress, you add sales materials that are relevant to that buyer so they feel understood and valued.

How Digital Sales Rooms Enable Buyers

Digital Sales Rooms Make Sales Teams More Efficient

Wow your prospects by creating a seamless, engaging experience that starts with the first meeting and carries on through onboarding. Consider how some of the key features could better support your sales team.

Bring Your Team Together

The modern B2B sales approach involves alignment between sales and marketing teams, but it also needs to address multiple stakeholders involved in your buyer’s decision. You have to consider feedback from a lot of people, much like an orchestra. If the strings and percussion are out of sync, it’s just noise. But, when everyone plays together, it’s beautiful.

Digital sales rooms make it easy to bring your team together in one place. You can easily organise sales materials and share them to workspaces as needed with the multi-media embed features. 

Communicate and collaborate in real-time to deliver the ultimate buyer experience. Live chat and comments allow your team to provide the support buyers need.

Buyer Engagement Insights

Consider the traditional sales method with phone calls or meetings. Your sales reps can close a call or meeting feeling great about how it went. Then, doubt creeps in and you end up questioning everything.

  • How serious is the buyer about your product?
  • Is the buyer doing what you agreed upon?
  • Who all is involved in the decision-making? Are you addressing all of their needs?
  • Why isn’t the buyer responding? 

Digital sales rooms offer another key advantage for sales teams. Since you maintain all sales materials and interaction through one digital space, it’s easier to track buyer engagement. 

Engagement analytics provide insight into what content your buyers spend the most time viewing. Your reps will know which prospects are most interested and which ones require additional support or information.

Take Control of the Sales Journey

B2B sales journeys are notoriously lengthy and complex, often because of miscommunications or cumbersome back-and-forths via phone or email. Digital sales rooms remove many of those traditional obstacles by providing structure.

Mutual action plans (MAP) aren’t a new concept for structuring deals and holding both sides accountable throughout the sales process.  It’s possible to set deadlines, assign tasks, and open lines of communication. By setting expectations from the beginning and at every stage, all parties know what to expect and deals move faster.

Even if you already use mutual action plans to structure business deals, digital sales rooms take them to the next level. Using a MAP within digital sales rooms creates a streamlined experience that gives your team better oversight while creating transparency for the buyer.

When sales teams use Forward’s digital sales rooms, they can employ an interactive MAP that structures the deal but also boosts buyer engagement. Working through personalised deal rooms, both parties can easily discuss the MAP and know their responsibilities at each phase.

Advantages of Using Mutual Action Plans To Drive the Buyer Journey 

MAPs solve many issues for sales teams and their buyers. Leveraging a mutual action plan within an aligned digital sales room creates a buyer-centric experience that’s easier and more efficient for the sales team.

  • Define objectives and goals. MAPs structure the sales process from the beginning so that everyone involved in the deal understands the timelines and their individual responsibilities.
  • Manage expectations. When everyone can visualise the deadlines and tasks to complete a deal, it’s easier to manage expectations on both sides. Sales teams can also deliver a personalised, tailored buyer experience for every prospect.
  • Reduce the time spent in the sales cycle. Set deadlines make planning easier, so you end up with fewer delays and roadblocks.
  • Improve forecasting. MAPs provide better oversight of every deal, so you can make more accurate predictions about the sales pipeline and potential ROI.
  • Drive more sales. With more oversight and a structured process, your sales team works more efficiently so they can serve more customers.
Aligning the Digital Sales Room With Your Existing Sales Processes

Aligning the Digital Sales Room With Your Existing Sales Processes

A digital sales room brings every aspect of a deal into one place, streamlining the sales process to make teams more effective. Buyers don’t get passed around or need to keep track of emails, sales materials, and attachments, because it’s all neatly organised for them.

But what if you already have sales tools you love? 

Creating cohesion between your existing sales processes and the digital sales room software is crucial to your success. The right digital sales room will offer seamless integrations with your favourite tools so you don’t have to lose time switching over.

Leverage Your Existing CRM

If you already have a database of leads at various stages of the sales funnel, you don’t want to mess with manual entry. Choosing a digital sales room platform that offers integrations with your existing CRM makes it easy to transition without losing a beat. 

You might want to revisit some of the older leads or those who weren’t as interested the first time around. Offering a break from the traditional with an impressive personalised micro-site might attract attention you didn’t get before.

Save Time With Templates

There’s a good reason that “strike while the iron’s hot” remains a popular saying. If your sales team doesn’t react fast enough, you can bet that your competitor will swoop in and take advantage.

Your team needs to do more than identify and act on high-quality leads. They need to be prepared for everything constantly. Having sales materials organised and ready to send could make or break a deal.

Forward offers a library of customisable templates to serve any sales scenario. It saves your team time and ensures you’re never scrambling to keep up.  Plus, you can store all sales materials in one place, making them easy to pull from when you need something particular for a prospect or buyer.

Develop a Compelling Proposition

How do you plan to stand out from your competition? Telling a story is a powerful way to draw prospects in, but you must do more to make an impression.

Did you know? 68% of buyers want a personalised proposal, and interactive elements boost engagement. It’s not enough to set out your product’s features. You have to craft a personalised, engaging, interactive sales deck.

Successful sales presentations include visuals and interactive elements, like polls, and include clear calls to action. Building everything around a story is the best way to drive your point home and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Forward makes it possible to develop personalised workspaces to make things easier for buyers from the start. You can even use your existing CPQ and video editing software.

Manage Negotiations

Communication is another key to engaging prospects and closing deals. Things can get lost in translation over emails, so it’s best to collaborate openly. 

Digital sales rooms make it possible to engage in negotiations and overcome difficulties with commenting and live chat. Buyers and sellers can interact more openly to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Forward’s digital sales room includes live chat functionality and commenting features so that you can openly communicate with your prospects. You can also develop Mutual Action Plans to structure and guide each deal so everyone knows their responsibilities.

Close More Deals

As your deal comes to a close, you need the capabilities to handle electronic signatures on documents to expedite the deal. Many secure platforms support secure e-signatures, like DocuSign.

Once your buyer signs on the dotted line, a virtual deal room makes it possible to transition into onboarding without leaving the personalised workspace. Pull in your onboarding team and let them guide your buyer the rest of the way. 

Forward empowers your team to deliver a personalised experience for every buyer from that first meeting through onboarding and beyond. You’ll impress the buyer and make them feel valued and understood.

Revolutionise Your New Client Onboarding Journey With Forward

B2B sales feel more complicated than ever. Buyers want a tailored buying experience and less in-person engagement. To keep your buyer coming back for more, you need to craft a personalised, engaging sales journey that transitions seamlessly into the onboarding process. 

But then, sellers have more factors to consider than ever, which can be overwhelming for sales teams. You need several platforms to manage the various elements of the digital sales process. 

Or do you?

A digital sales room offers a comprehensive solution for B2B sales teams hoping to deliver that exceptional customer experience without overextending their sales reps. It’s the best way to structure deals and streamline the sales journey to serve your buyers and make your sales team more effective.

Digital sales rooms make it possible to keep engaging and interactive sales cycles going, which fosters loyalty and long-term business relationships. You can deliver a personalised, streamlined sales journey for every prospect. Plus, your team can access detailed analytics to drive their next steps, from what sales material to share to when they need to follow up.

Forward’s digital sales room provides all the essential elements your team needs to create the ultimate buyer journey with seamless transitions into onboarding. You can operate the entire digital sales process from one personalised workspace that puts your buyer’s needs front and centre. 

Elevate your buyer’s onboarding experience with a seamless, personalised journey. Try Forward for free today!

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