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Closing the Deal: Proven Persuasive Sales Techniques for SaaS Sales Professionals

You’ve spent countless hours working with a buyer, wooing every decision-maker on their team, only to have them disappear. Maybe you know where things went wrong, but the chances are good that you don’t.

If you’re struggling to close deals, you might need to refine your approach a bit. These proven persuasive sales techniques are sure to get you back on track and closing more deals than ever.

5 Powerful Persuasive Sales Techniques for SaaS Sales to Build Trust and Win Deals

Looking back at your existing SaaS sales strategy, you might find some inefficiencies you didn’t recognise before. Consider implementing the following techniques to ramp up your SaaS sales process and boost buyer engagement.

Provide Social Proof

The power of social proof cannot be underestimated in B2B sales. Verified online reviews have a massive impact on buyers, with some 86% of businesses identifying them as critical to the buying decision. 

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that follows herd mentality. People want to belong, they want to conform to norms, and they trust others’ opinions to reinforce decision-making. There are several ways to incorporate social proof throughout your sales content:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Awards, especially within your industry
  • Influencers or industry leaders providing endorsements
  • Case studies of successful customers
  • Collaborations and integrations with other brands.

Forward makes it easy to add social proof to your SaaS sales model and mutual action plans. With seamless integrations, you can leverage your favourite tools to collect and share social proof easily. 

Overcome Objections by Converting Them to Strengths

If your team struggles with handling buyer objections within the transactional sales model, this technique could be a game-changer. The concept is simple: agree with the buyer’s objection and demonstrate how your product overcomes the pain point.

In practice, this technique can be more challenging. Your sales reps need to get creative with addressing objections, which will require some preparation. 

  • Start with the five primary objections: budget, authority, need, timeliness, and value. 
  • Build a collection of arguments for each, positioning your product as the optimal solution.
  • Maintain a shared document for your team to expand on as they encounter new objections and new ways to overcome them.

Remember, this technique is all about transparency and positioning. Your sales rep demonstrates to your buyers that you understand their concerns. 

With Forward’s personalised workspaces and real-time collaboration, your sales team can easily facilitate these discussions. Deliver timely responses to buyer objections and quickly share data from existing materials to support your statements.

A salesman using persuasive techniques for a SaaS sale

Leverage the Power of Three

Arguably, the Power of Three is not purely a sales technique. We see the power of three in everyday life and at all ages. Think about how many ideas you see presented in threes. 

The power of three refers to grouping things in threes; presenting ideas as three of something keeps it simple and memorable. Embracing this approach for your sales materials is a genius strategy that requires little effort. 

Your team should easily be able to group features in threes. You probably already do it with some features. For example, many brands use three pricing tiers for this exact reason.

Get Personal

B2B buyers expect a personalised experience that makes them feel valued. A SaaS business must provide personalisation at all levels, including using you or your and the individual’s name and company.

Did you know? 63% of B2B firms are already investing in personalisation features. If you’re not already working on personalisation, you’re behind the competition.

Forward’s personalised micro-sites make buyers feel understood and valued. Plus, the buyer engagement insights help sales teams understand their prospects better to refine their personalisation. 

Customise Proposals To Increase Buyer Engagement

Expanding on the desire for a personalised buyer journey, the final technique applies to the proposal. Experiencing successful SaaS sales metrics means dedicating time to delivering a customised proposal for each client. 

Crafting engaging, interactive proposals that wow the client is one thing. But, it’s another thing to deliver a customised presentation focused on their brand, their pain points, and speaking to every decision-maker involved.

Forward’s digital sales room offers SaaS sales reps a solution for crafting customised proposals that embrace all of these persuasive sales techniques. Aside from multi-media embedding and personalised micro-sites, you can access a library of expert templates for any sales scenario. It will save time and effort that your sales team can dedicate to more complex tasks.

Forward Helps SaaS Sales Teams Increase Conversion Rates

Selling in a digital environment can be complicated and riddled with challenges. How do you personalise a buyer journey? Why is your team struggling with buyer engagement? How do you meet those important SaaS sales metrics?

Embracing these persuasive sales techniques can help you right the ship and increase your conversion rate. Whether you're selling web-based software or need a fresh approach to the sales cycle, implementing the personalisation, customisation, and power of three can work wonders.

You can also empower your team with the tools they need to succeed. Forward's digital sales room streamlines the sales process and supports teams as they employ the best SaaS sales techniques. 

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