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Remote Sales: Advanced Techniques for Closing Deals

Are you feeling frustrated with your sales numbers? You’re not alone. 

The B2B sales landscape has changed in recent years. A traditional sales strategy is not as effective as once, and remote sales negate many of the tried and true strategies. You need to develop new inside sales techniques to stand out from your competition and convert leads to buyers.

To succeed in the remote B2B sales world, you need a powerful tool to bring inside sales professionals and their expertise together in one place. Forward’s digital sales room is the ideal solution for supporting teams with advanced sales techniques that find more potential customers, attract qualified leads, and convert more sales.

Advanced Sales Techniques To Influence Buyer Decisions

Stepping away from traditional sales methods can feel scary, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Breaking down the fundamentals of these advanced sales tips and techniques can make your team feel more confident as they adjust to remote sales. Plus, your customer's business benefits from your ability to adapt to change.


Education is an important B2B sales closing technique because it focuses on the buyer and delivering a valuable, highly personalised experience. 

This technique requires extensive research on buyers to determine their unique pain points. Once your team understands the prospect, they can deliver customised content that positions your product as a unique solution to their struggles.

Your sales team should approach sales materials and content as educational items that teach your prospect about your product throughout the sales process. Approach things from a consultant’s perspective, somebody who doesn't know your product as well as you do, and teach them why they need it.

Aside from addressing obvious struggles, it helps to tease out pain points your buyer might not recognise. Imagine how effective it is to highlight a concern or struggle your prospect hadn’t even considered before your presentation. Identifying and talking about solving problems they didn’t recognise is an excellent way to drive sales conversations and build trust.


Why does your buyer need your product? What's your value proposition? Even if some decision-makers are sold on buying, you need to convince all of them to convert the sale. In many cases, that means reframing their needs in a way that positions your product as the optimal solution.

This advanced sales technique requires research and a deep understanding of every decision-maker involved in the buyer’s decision. You need to be able to personalise your product’s benefits for each decision-maker by demonstrating how it enhances their work and boosts their bottom line. 

Inspire your buyers by focusing on solid financial reasons and return on investment (ROI) by providing hard data whenever possible. Most decision-makers respond to a purchase’s financial benefits.


Creating an open-door policy in a remote sales environment creates challenges, but encouraging prospects to reach out to you early in the buyer's journey works. Being open to questions and concerns or requests for more information anytime reinforces that you value your buyer.

To successfully sell yourself with collaboration, you need to focus on active listening. It’s important to hear what your prospect is saying, even when it’s through email or live chat. Look for subtext to ensure you provide the answer they need. You want to be helpful, patient, and empathetic to guide your prospects toward a decision.

This inside sales technique typically requires cross-team collaboration. Your sales team might field a question from a prospect about a legal disclaimer. Unless your sales team also specialises in legal jargon, they must contact your legal team for clarification. If this process takes too long, you could lose the deal. 

Forward’s digital sales room makes real-time business collaboration possible with document sharing and live chat. Not only can your teams interact with each other, but they can also provide timely responses to prospects.

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Killer B2B Sales Closing Techniques

The above approaches to closing sales focus on framing pain points and benefits for your buyers. Now, it’s time to dig deeper into specific tactics for your sales reps to close more deals.

Create Engaging Presentations

Have you ever sat through a presentation that was so boring you dozed off? You don’t want that to happen with your sales materials. Effective B2B sales teams consistently deliver engaging, highly personalised content. Every piece of content you send out, from emails to product demos, should be consistent.

As you build presentations, you might follow Jordan Belfort’s straight line sales technique which consists of four steps. Establish your competence, expertise, and enthusiasm for your product within the first four seconds of sales pitch. The next three steps revolve around questions and presentations geared toward building rapport and learning about your buyer.

Forward supports teams with delivering personalised, engaging buyer interactions through personalised micro-sites and interactive mutual action plans and onboarding processes.

Embrace Automation

Automation saves time and reduces mistakes from human errors. It also creates more fruitful phone calls and meetings with buyers.

For example, by setting automated scheduling follow-ups and running weekly reports gives your inside sales rep or team more time for complex tasks, like buyer engagement. Using automation to deliver agendas or presentations before sales calls is a powerful inside sales technique that creates more productive meetings.

Empower your team to automate more and create more consistency with Forward’s digital sales room solutions. With over 30 seamless integrations, you can create a streamlined, collaborative process.

Be Patient But Persistent

While you need to know when to give up on a lost cause, it’s important to follow up relentlessly with qualified leads. Respect their time and struggles, but don’t give up if you’ve already identified the lead buyer as highly interested.

Following buyer insights from engagement analytics helps you identify your best prospects and those most likely to convert. You can also determine when to follow up based on their engagement with your content. 

For example, Forward alerts you that your buyer just viewed the personalised workspace you created for them. It’s a good time to message them to see if they have any questions. You might take the conversation to a live chat that moves the deal forward.

Find a Champion

Social proof is one of the most helpful tactics in the B2B world. Having a champion is the best way to have sales professionals get deals done because your buyer sees testimony from a real customer who found success with your product.

Forward helps teams leverage their champions to sell internally by sharing joint success stories. It’s one of the top ways to boost buyer engagement and increase conversion rates. 

Close More Deals Faster With Forward

Successful B2B sales educate, inspire, and collaborate with buyers to find joint success. There are several advanced sales techniques to convert leads into paid customers if you have the industry knowledge and tools to deliver.

Forward provides teams with the tools they need to boost buyer engagement, from first contact through onboarding and beyond. Personalisation, detailed buyer engagement insights, and collaborative communication tools make Forward the ideal solution for B2B sales teams. 

Structure and streamline your sales processes to deliver stellar sales journeys for every buyer to achieve joint success. Empower your team with Forward’s digital sales room to leverage these advanced sales training techniques and find success. 

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