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Crushing B2B Sales Team Management: Best Practices for Success

The customer experience is the most motivating factor for most B2B buyers, and it all starts with the onboarding process. Unfortunately, over 90% of customers feel that companies aren’t meeting their expectations with onboarding. 

Consider your current system. How many buyers never convert? How much churn are you experiencing?

Knowing how to improve the sales onboarding process is key to boosting - and retaining - sales. Forward offers a solution for sales teams and customer success teams (CSMs) struggling to deliver that wow factor. From seamless integrations with your CRM and favourite tools to crafting dynamic presentations and tutorials that resonate, you can do everything from one dashboard.

How To Improve the Sales Onboarding Process 

Knowing how to improve the sales onboarding process is paramount when welcoming and engaging new customers. The process also guides the potential buyer by teaching them how to use your product effectively. 

It’s often easy to draw a client in by illustrating how your product can make their lives easier and boost their sales. However, ensuring they know how to maximise your product is often more complicated.

Did You Know? 74% of buyers will abandon a product if the onboarding process is too confusing or complicated. Clear communication, instruction, and presentation significantly reduce return rates and enhance customer satisfaction.

Forward supports sales teams and CSMs by creating tailored onboarding experiences that meet customer needs. Collaborate with your buyers in real-time, create engaging and informative presentations, and develop a personalised onboarding experience for each client.

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The Lasting Impact of a Memorable First Interaction

The importance of making an impact cannot be understated. It lays the foundation for all future interactions by making your prospects feel appreciated and reinforcing their decision to do business with you.

Forward empowers sales teams and CSMs to create a remarkable first impression every time through customisable personalised micro-sites. It’s the perfect opportunity to impress your buyer with personalised content and a custom sales pitch tailored to their needs.

Fostering Team Collaboration for B2B Sales Growth Between CSMs and Sales Teams 

Do you find your team wasting time passing information around? Perhaps revisions take too long to pass through each team? Figuring out how to optimise sales funnels requires a hard look at how your teams communicate.

Forward promotes collaboration between teams to streamline the process and eliminate back-and-forth. Being able to centralise your deal content, including documents and presentations, creates a seamless process for each team working on the deal.

Having everything in one place so all teams can access the same content in real time means increased efficiency and quicker turnaround for clients. Further, having access to the same information creates a more structured sales process and better pipeline visibility.

Fostering Team Collaboration for B2B Sales Growth Between CSMs and Sales Teams 

Unifying Sales Tools for Streamlined Operations 

Working with different platforms to handle documents and payments can create a lot of extra steps and manual data entry. Knowing how to manage B2B sales teams and CSMs in a virtual environment can be challenging.

Bring everything under one umbrella with Forward to improve productivity. Seamless integrations make it easy to connect your preferred tools to handle everything in one place. Your sales teams and CSMs can evaluate and craft the ideal solution for each buyer and provide support through the buying and closing process in real time from one dashboard. 

Templates for Quick Deployment 

It’s not always easy to balance personalisation content with efficiency, and it can often feel like you’re doing everything from scratch for every deal. Reduce the effort and boost the results with pre-defined templates you can customise for each deal.

Forward offers a library of customisable templates to fit any sales scenario. Include the key information for your product and add a personal touch to wow your customers.

Real-Time Feedback and Optimisation 

Few things in sales are worse than losing track of a client somewhere in the pipeline. Finding ways to stay on top of each step for every client can be overwhelming, especially when left up to human error. 

Real-time data and insights are the best ways to optimise the sales funnel and ensure no client slips through the cracks. 

Forward provides real-time data on every prospect because it fully integrates with your favourite CRM. You know when buyers view your content and proposals so that you can set timely follow-ups. 

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The Strategic Synergy of Onboarding and Sales

Forward makes it possible to align onboarding processes with broader sales strategies to achieve success and long-term growth.

Control the Process With Mutual Action Planning 

Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) create structure in any sales process and promote transparency. Every party, including the client, can see key dates, access documents, and know expectations for their role in the process from day one.

Forward helps teams create and manage MAPs to streamline the sales process, hold all teams accountable, and promote better customer experiences. It’s easy to assign tasks, set deadlines, and ensure everything aligns at each step for a well-organised deal.

Further, setting auto-reminders ensures everybody stays on task while avoiding missed steps or deadlines. 

When everyone can access the same MAP, your team retains complete control over the onboarding process for every buyer. It’s easier and more effective to provide training for each new client.

The Strategic Synergy of Onboarding and Sales

Enhanced Buyer Engagement

Customers have many questions at the beginning, and you want to answer them all in a timely manner. Forward makes it possible to engage in real-time to provide critical information and support when your buyers need it. 

Additionally, your team can collaborate in real-time so everyone is on the same page. When your sales, marketing, financial, and legal teams can easily coordinate efforts, it creates a smooth onboarding process for buyers. 

Did You Know? A Gallup study found that fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium regarding wallet share, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth compared to the average customer. The point is simple. Engaged customers are more likely to convert.

Offering consistent, value-driven support is a sure way to build trust with your customers and give them confidence in your product.

Data-Driven Sales Management 

Data-driven decision-making is critical for sales teams and CSMs, especially in an increasingly digital industry. With more access to insights than ever before, teams who leverage data to refine their onboarding processes will ultimately succeed more than those relying solely on intuition. 

Forward offers teams access to detailed analytics and CRM integration to see how effective your onboarding process is from a customer perspective. Harnessing the power of data analytics allows you to fill in gaps in your onboarding process and identify roadblocks to optimise the experience.

Looking FORWARD to New Customer Onboarding Success 

Knowing how to improve the sales onboarding process is key to converting prospects into paying clients. Keep this in mind as you determine how to build a B2B sales funnel that works for your business.

Forward’s Digital Sales Room will revolutionise your sales onboarding process by streamlining content, establishing seamless collaboration between teams and with clients, and adding that personal touch to each deal.

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