B2B SaaS Sales: Implementing a Virtual Onboarding Process

How much consideration do you give to your virtual onboarding process? Since 63% of buyers view onboarding as a key factor in their decision-making process, there’s a good chance that what you’re doing isn’t enough. 

With the lack of face-to-face interactions and an overwhelming number of tools and channels, it’s clearly more challenging to craft a winning virtual onboarding process. 

In this virtual world, teams have more hurdles to overcome to deliver that “wow factor” buyers seek. Prospects can easily become distracted, confused, or disengaged during an automated onboarding process.

Forward offers you a chance to deliver that “wow factor” with a one-stop solution to cover all the bases. Your team works in a centralised hub that can create personalised onboarding experiences for every buyer. It’s easy to optimise the process at any point with real-time engagement, collaborative tools, data-driven insights, and unique client-focused features, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for every prospect.  

Common Challenges With Virtual Onboarding

It’s frustrating for any team to devote countless hours to creating an automated onboarding process only to come up short. Buyers want to be engaged and informed but not overinformed or overwhelmed with complex guides.

Did You Know? 74% of buyers will walk away from complicated onboarding processes. Therefore, businesses need to prioritise creating a smooth, intuitive onboarding experience to retain potential customers and maximise conversion rates.

In essence, you need to give each buyer a personalised experience while creating an automated system to save time for your team. However, developing a streamlined process that fosters conversions involves overcoming various hurdles. 

  • You need specific information to personalise everything, but lengthy sign-ups might turn off a prospect.
  • Some buyers might lack understanding of how to use the product at all.
  • Your team can’t be available 24/7, meaning there are times with limited support and troubleshooting for customers.
  • Too much information at once can be overwhelming for buyers learning your product.

Finding the proper balance is crucial because dissatisfied buyers will move to another product that meets their needs.

Common Challenges With Virtual Onboarding

Enter the Virtual Onboarding Process

Forward’s digital sales rooms solve the challenges presented by virtual onboarding processes. By bringing everything together under one dashboard, your team can easily collaborate to ensure a seamless experience for every buyer.

Revolutionise your customer onboarding journey with the suite of tools and resources available with Forward. 

  • Enhance buyer engagement with real-time interactions to deliver timely support when needed.
  • The centralised platform creates a streamlined process.
  • Personalised onboarding spaces will make customers feel seen, heard, and valued.
  • Comprehensive analytics track everything so you can identify potential roadblocks and react quickly.

A collaborative onboarding process allows everyone to work together, including your buyer, establishing a foundation for joint success.

Key Components of a Virtual Onboarding Process

Successful virtual onboarding processes follow the same general structure with five key components to consider.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Most people in the business world understand the pain of juggling multiple platforms with different logins and passwords. Then, you have to consider documents and e-signatures. It can easily devolve into a complicated mess. 

Using a centralised platform is critical to developing that seamless experience for everyone. Your team will appreciate the one-stop hub that allows cross-team collaboration, and your buyer will love access to everything they need with a single login. 

Aside from customer satisfaction, a centralised platform is faster and more efficient. Your team can reduce delays and boost consistency across the board to deliver an outstanding onboarding experience every time. 

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The last thing you want is to have a customer put their business on hold because they can’t reach you to troubleshoot an issue with your product. Offering real-time engagement to provide customer support doesn’t just keep buyers happy; it establishes rapport and builds trust. 

Built-in chat systems, video conferencing tools, and real-time document editing make these interactions more effective and efficient for everyone. When buyers can get the answer they need or resolve an issue quickly, it accelerates their decision-making process.

Personalised Onboarding Spaces

It’s no secret that prospects expect companies to deliver a personalised experience, even in the virtual world. They don’t want to feel like a number with a one-size-fits-all approach because every prospect is unique.

71% of buyers want to have a personalised experience with brands. This underscores the importance of brands investing in tailored marketing strategies and customer interactions to meet the growing demand for individualised engagement.

Forward makes it possible to tailor to unique buyer needs with customisable dashboards, curated content sections, and adaptable workflows. Your buyers will feel valued when your team demonstrates a deep understanding and commitment to their individual objectives, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Collaborative Customer Onboarding

Your sales team isn’t the only one involved in the onboarding process. Filtering information back and forth between teams can be tedious and cumbersome, often leading to lost information. 

Forward allows for coordination among cross-functional teams to create a seamless onboarding process. Shared workspaces, task assignments, and progress tracking to ensure all teams are aligned while minimising oversights and improving the buyer's experience.

Data-Driven Customer Success

How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? Staring at your onboarding process flow chart isn’t enough to identify bottlenecks or points of high drop-off. You need accurate data to gain those insights.

Forward provides dashboards displaying real-time data, trend analysis, and bottleneck identification. You can easily answer those pressing questions, like what customers keep asking and where they get hung up. 

Utilising analytics for process optimisation allows for continuous refinement of the onboarding process leading to increased client satisfaction and success rates.

Forward: Helping You Stand Out With a Supercharged Virtual Onboarding Process 

Leveraging Tools for Efficiency and Personalisation

It always helps to have some additional tools at your disposal for an automated onboarding process. Forward offers a couple of unique options for wowing your buyers.

Pre-Defined Templates

Personalisation might be king, but your team shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Forward hosts a library of pre-defined templates for various sales scenarios. Your team can save time and still deliver a personalised onboarding experience for every buyer.

Personalised Micro-Sites

Speaking of personalisation, how impressive would it be for every buyer to land at a personalised micro-site? Using Forward’s personalised micro-sites, your team can leave a lasting impression on every deal.

Curate relevant content and highlight key value propositions for each buyer to emphasise those aspects that most align with their goals. Personalised micro-sites increase buyer engagement and make buyers feel seen, heard, and understood. 

Visualising the Journey: Onboarding Process Flowchart

As you craft the onboarding process, it’s helpful to create a visual representation in the form of an onboarding process flow chart. It’s one more way to keep everyone on the same page and ensure continuity.

Forward's interface offers a clear, interactive, and easy-to-follow option for generating an onboarding process flowchart. The onboarding process flow chart helps your teams and buyers navigate the onboarding journey.

Forward: Helping You Stand Out With a Supercharged Virtual Onboarding Process 

From creation to implementation to refinement, Forward helps you deliver the ultimate buyer experience. 

  • Centralise Your Onboarding Content: Consolidate all onboarding materials into one location for real-time collaboration between teams and with buyers. Provide access to key onboarding tools, like demos, tutorials, and FAQs so buyers have everything they need to learn your product.
  • Embed Diverse Content: Integration of multimedia and interactive elements to create a more engaging buyer journey.
  • Integrate Onboarding Tools: Connect your existing platforms and preferred tools, like e-calendars, e-docs, and demos within Forward’s digital sales rooms.
  • Collaborate in Real Time: Engage with buyers and address queries promptly.
  • Implement Onboarding Plans: Structure the new customer onboarding journey with interactive plans and actionable steps to guide buyers at every step of the way.
Achieving Automation in Your New Customer Onboarding Journey

Achieving Automation in Your New Customer Onboarding Journey

An automated onboarding process saves time for your team without sacrificing the buyer experience. Forward makes it easy to automate several aspects of the onboarding process for a streamlined system.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily connect Forward with your CRM.
  • Automatic Data Sync: Once set up, data transfer happens effortlessly in the background. You don’t have to go through time-consuming manual entry or risk losing crucial data.
  • Eliminate Manual Work: Say goodbye to tedious manual data entry tasks and focus more on important and complex tasks.
  • Consistent Data Flow: Ensures real-time updates and consistent information across platforms. Everyone has access to the same data, keeping all teams on the same page to enhance decision-making.
  • Efficiency Boost: Save time and reduce the risk of human errors in data handling.
  • Streamlined Operations: Enhance operational efficiency by bridging Forward with your CRM and other favourite tools.

Activate Your Competitive Edge With Forward

You need to find ways to get an edge in this competitive market, which involves crafting an exceptional virtual onboarding process. Forward can help you check all the boxes to create an excellent first impression for every buyer.

Today’s buyers demand a user-friendly, personalised process that keeps them engaged and informed at every turn. They want timely responses to questions and troubleshooting support. 

Toss aside the cumbersome, confusing buyer journey and replace it with an automated onboarding process that involves cross-team collaboration, real-time interactions, and seamless data flow. A stellar virtual onboarding process boosts buyer engagement and ultimately leads to joint success.

Forward will supercharge your onboarding process by providing the “wow factor” buyers crave. That level of buyer engagement leads to higher conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty.

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