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Next Level Remote Sales: Tools To Drive Success From Anywhere

Picture embarking on a new and exciting road trip with no reliable maps or GPS to guide you. Could you ever hope to arrive at your intended destination? Clearly, you’re setting yourself up for a difficult and unpredictable journey. 

The same is true in regard to your remote sales teams.

Remote sales teams endure obstacle after obstacle on the road to customer conversion. They may have a general lack of visibility or direction and be dealing with outdated or inefficient workflows. You must also consider that remote sales teams work under unique communication circumstances. 

But there is good news–a verifiable way to navigate these fast and winding roads. 

By leveraging the power of top-notch remote sales tools, your sales team can mitigate common challenges and work smarter to close deals faster. 

So, what are the best sales tools you can give your team to navigate the complex roads of customer acquisition and retention?

Let’s turn on the GPS and hit the road!

10 Top Remote Sales Tools You Need in Your Arsenal in 2023

Elevate your prospecting, communication, and closing efforts with these 11 cutting-edge sales tools. From seamless buyer collaboration to creating engaging demos, you can now arm your sales team with that next-level approach to customer engagement.

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Now, let's travel further and witness how these tools can effectively enhance your overall sales process.


Elevate deals and enhance buyer interactions through FORWARD's dynamic and collaborative digital sales rooms. With FORWARD, you can effortlessly centralise sales content, engage clients, and seize command of the sales journey.

FORWARD reshapes what it means to interact by providing a unique buyer experience that stands out. By tailoring content to the preferences and interests of each buyer, the platform ensures sustained engagement throughout the entire process, up until closing. 

This not only strengthens buyer-seller relationships but also significantly shortens the sales cycle length, paving the way for faster and more efficient transactions. 

Embrace the ease of ready-made templates designed to enhance your outreach and resonate with your target audience. You can craft impactful messages with precision, whether it's a compelling pitch or an informative update. What's more? You're not just flying blind. FORWARD provides you with an accurate analysis that's pivotal in shaping your future techniques.

Forward is a true game changer! It transformed how we collaborate with our buyers, resulting in a more efficient sales process and a significant reduction in our cycle time.
- Kubra, Founder of HeyTripster

Key Features of FORWARD:

  • Bring all your information, data, and content to one place
  • Create microsites and personalise them with buyers’ logos and banners
  • Get ready-made templates for better communication 
  • Get an accurate analysis to strategise your techniques
  • Integrate it with your favourite sales tools like Hubspot, Dropbox, Zapier, and more

Forward Pricing

  • 14-day Free Trial

So, if you are struggling to keep your buyers engaged until closing and losing sight of how to provide the best experience to your customers, sign up for Forward and witness first-hand how its capabilities change the sales game. 

2. Pipedrive 

Thanks to CRM tools, you can provide a centralised platform for collecting, organising, and analysing customer-related data. And it further enables you to improve customer interactions, enhance consumer experience, and drive growth. Most importantly, you’ll prevent data silos. 

However, among thousands of CRM tools in the market, Pipedrive is a leading contender–and for good reason. This platform directly offers sales reps a clear view of their sales process. Apart from that, it gives a visual pipeline that shows the status of every deal and allows you to add notes and files to keep track of progress. 

Pipedrive also easily integrates with popular productivity tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Slack to foster productivity across all channels. And the best part? It has a dedicated mobile app letting you access data on the go. 

Key Features of Pipedrive 

  • Add custom stages
  • Collaborate with teams
  • Visualize your entire sales pipeline
  • Set reminders for all your sales activities
  • Categorize your leads to personalize communications
  • Access to customized web forms to generate leads
  • Customized reporting & analytics 

Pipedrive Pricing 

  • Essential: $9.90/month
  • Advanced: $19.90/month
  • Professional: $39.90/month
  • Power: $49.90/month
  • Enterprise: $59.90/month

3. Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM tool designed for modern sales teams. It offers a suite of features to help you stay organised and close more deals, even from afar.

For example, the platform automates sales processes, sets up outreach campaigns, filters prospects with built-in metrics, and more. It also offers an auto-profile enrichment feature that collects data from prospects’ socials and public domain and gives you hints about whether the deal is worth chasing in the first place. 

Freshsales integrates with major communication channels like emails, chat campaigns, phones, and Messenger. Plus, Freshsales offers a unique feature that maintains your product inventory and configures pricing models. 

And guess what? You can start for free. So it has your back if you’re just starting out and have a limited budget. 

Consider giving it a try if you’re looking for the best CRM tools to manage your remote team on all fronts. 

Key Features of Freshsales 

  • Get a centralized contact database
  • Communicate better with prospects 
  • Automatically track your prospects’ status 
  • AI-powered predictions on your sales performance
  • Manage product inventory
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Get Built-in reporting and analysis

Freshsales Pricing 

  • Free: $0
  • Growth: $15/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Enterprise: $69/month

4. Clutch

Let’s face it: For remote teams, sales prospecting can prove quite challenging.

Being remote means missing out on in-person networking events, conferences, and trade shows that are valuable for building connections and discovering leads.

This is precisely the problem Clutch set out to solve. Clutch is a platform that provides a curated collection of reviews, ratings, and information about B2B companies.

According to sales coach and startup advisor Collin Cadmus, a sales outreach shouldn’t really sound like a sales outreach. Sales reps should nurture the process and take their time to personalise templates for a more impactful presentation. 

Your sales team can leverage Clutch as a research tool for identifying promising leads and prospective clients. Clutch profiles uncover valuable details about a company's services, offerings, client reviews, and strengths. Armed with these insights, you can customise your pitches to perfectly match the needs and preferences of potential clients.

Clutch's comprehensive reviews and ratings illuminate a company's reputation and track record. This information is invaluable for gauging the calibre of potential leads. Companies with high ratings are likely more open to forging new partnerships, whereas those with lower ratings might not align well with collaborative efforts. Use Clutch's data to make informed decisions and maximise the quality of your engagements.

Key Features of Clutch

  • Get prospects’ detailed information
  • Use filters to categorise prospects
  • Get company reviews to churn out whether the deal is worth prospecting 

Clutch Pricing 

Custom Pricing 

5. ZoomInfo 

ZoomInfo is a B2B sales intelligence platform that provides a vast database of companies and professionals to help businesses with sales, marketing, and recruiting efforts.

Your remote sales teams can use this information to enhance their prospecting, lead generation, and overall sales processes. Plus, it also helps you stay updated on industry trends, market shifts, and emerging opportunities by monitoring news and updates related to your target industries. 

Now, if we look at the other side of the coin, ZoomInfo can provide insights into your competitors, their key employees, and their strategies. This knowledge is invaluable when positioning your products or services in the market.

Key Features of ZoomInfo 

  • Refine Ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Utilise advanced search options to find potential leads that fit your target criteria
  • Get accurate contact details of decision-makers 
  • Enrich their existing contact lists by uploading them 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest market news
  • Boost team collaboration
  • Get enhanced analytics 

ZoomInfo Pricing  

Depends on your requirements

6. Whatfix 

As a remote team, navigating work challenges is no easy task. Here, Whatfix takes center stage. Whatfix ensures that remote SDRs can quickly adapt to new tools and processes by offering interactive in-app guidance, task automation, and contextual assistance. It accelerates their learning curve and lets them focus on what matters most: building relationships and driving sales. 

With Whatfix, you can effectively navigate complex software systems, streamline workflows, and confidently achieve targets. 

Moreover, Whatfix automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on high-value activities. At the end of the day, automation eliminates manual errors. In fact, you can also use Whatfix while onboarding new team members as it guides them through the essential processes, tools, and protocols, ensuring a smooth transition into their roles.

Key Features of Whatfix 

  • Increase work efficiency
  • Get interactive in-app guidance
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Reduce manual work errors
  • Get help with remote team onboarding
  • Easy integration with other tools 

Whatfix Pricing

Contact Whatfix team

7. Vidyard 

Videos are literally changing the way how sales teams connect, educate, and build relationships with prospects. They add engagement, personalisation, and visual storytelling to sales interactions, further humanising remote selling. To simplify, they create an “AHA” moment virtually. 

However, adding Vidyard to your tech stack can be your best bet in this case. It’s a video hosting and marketing platform enabling businesses to create, manage, and distribute videos for various purposes, including remote selling. 

You can use this platform to create personalised video messages for prospects and customers. You can tailor these videos to specific individuals or companies, making the outreach more engaging and relevant. 

Furthermore, personalised videos can help establish a stronger connection and capture the recipient's attention, potentially leading to higher response rates. 

Vidyard also enables sales teams to record and share product demos. These videos can clearly demonstrate how a product works, its features, and its benefits, helping prospects make informed decisions. It also lets you add interactive elements, such as clickable links, that you can use to redirect your customers to new pages. 

So, if you want to take your sales strategy to a more personal level, Vidyard is for you. 

Key Features of Vidyard 

  • Personalize your sales pitch with visual storytelling
  • Get different clickable items 
  • Create engaging product demos
  • Easily integrate with your sales tools

Vidyard Pricing 

  • Free: $0
  • Pro:$19/month
  • Business: Custom price

8. Demodesk

Remote teams often require a dedicated platform for delivering professional product demos.  Because they consistently need to present the product's features and benefits in a structured manner. This consistency later helps build credibility and trust with potential customers.

Demodesk is a modern and innovative platform designed to revolutionise how sales professionals deliver product demos and presentations. With remote sales needs in mind, Demodesk offers a comprehensive solution that combines interactive presentations, real-time collaboration, and advanced analytics. 

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can engage prospects effectively, customise presentations, gather valuable insights, and create impactful demo experiences. 

Key Features of Demodesk 

  • Automate scheduling
  • Deliver winning demos
  • “Wow” your prospects with engaging content
  • Get real-time data and insights


  • Scheduling: $20 per user/month
  • Business: $86 per user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom price 

9. Chili Piper 

A remote team operates across different time zones. So, maintaining communication is a daunting task. But, a meeting scheduling tool helps team members identify suitable time slots that accommodate everyone's schedules. It also reduces the chances of scheduling conflicts so you can host meetings conveniently for all participants.

Thanks to Chili Piper, you can implement intelligent scheduling capabilities that allow sales professionals to book meetings with prospects and clients seamlessly. Its standout features include real-time calendar integration, personalised booking links, automated follow-up sequences, and integrations with popular CRM systems. 

These capabilities eliminate the back-and-forth communication associated with scheduling, enabling salespeople to focus more on engaging prospects and closing deals.

This platform also facilitates immediate engagement through features like Instant Booker. This allows prospects visiting a company's website to instantly schedule a meeting with a sales representative. 

Not only that, but it also ensures that the right salesperson with the right expertise is assigned to each meeting. If you want to turn your inbound or outbound leads into qualified meetings immediately, Chili Piper is for you. 

Key Features of Chili Piper

  • Schedule prospects directly from your web form
  • Instant book meetings
  • Automate meeting reminders
  • Record important meeting information

Chili Piper Pricing 

  • Instant Booker: $15/month
  • Handoff: $25/month
  • Form Concierge: $30/month
  • Distro: $30/month

10. Gong 

Understanding customer behaviour helps tailor your approaches to individual clients, anticipate needs, and build stronger relationships. At the same time, monitoring your own performance allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses and refine your strategies.

Gong is a powerful conversational intelligence platform designed to help sales teams improve performance, enhance customer interactions, and drive better results. Gong records sales calls, video meetings, and demos and transcribes them into text. It also enables you to revisit conversations and accurately capture details, ensuring nothing is missed or misunderstood. 

Its AI-powered features analyse conversations for key insights. It detects specific keywords, phrases, and patterns to comprehensively understand customer behaviour, objections, and interests. 

Moreover, it also helps you track the progress of deals throughout the sales pipeline. This approach provides real-time visibility into where each deal stands.

Apart from that, with Gong, you can detect objections raised by prospects and brainstorm how you’d respond. It’s a great tool to empower your sales teams when seeking actionable insights derived from conversation analysis. 

Key Features of Gong 

  • Record and transcript calls
  • Analyse conversations and find main insights
  • Track progress in your pipeline
  • Get engagement analysis
  • Analyse individual performance 

Gong Pricing 

Custom Price

Close More Deals with These Remote Sales Tools! 

Travelling the road to your destination is most enjoyable when you have the right map to guide you there. So, turn on the GPS for your sales team.

Much like the winding roads of your journey, effectively managing a remote sales team isn't straightforward. You must consistently monitor communication across various channels, customise your operations, and ensure the efficient execution of numerous tasks.

Thankfully, with these tools, you can manage these tasks with limited effort and close deals faster. 

Empower your collaboration with tailored digital rooms. Embark FORWARD on your journey and start witnessing the power of seamless customer engagement—sign up now for a free trial and begin paving the way to success.
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