How To Win With B2B Inbound and Inside Sales

Are you struggling with low buyer engagement? Maybe clients keep dropping out early in the sales process, and you don’t know why. Either way, your team is scrambling, shifting their approach, and devoting too much time to inbound marketing with little to no return.

It’s time to re-evaluate your strategy and consider new inbound sales techniques. From creating a streamlined approach to automating mundane tasks, you can alleviate strain on your sales representatives, boost customer engagement, and improve ROI.

5 Inside Sales Techniques That Work

Outbound sales aside, re-evaluating your approach to inbound sales requires knowing where to look and how to adapt to changing trends. For your sales team, it could mean getting back to basics.

Here are some sales tips to get you started.

1. Take a Deep Dive Into Your Target Audience

How well do you know your buyer? Creating an avatar or person representing your ideal buyer is vital to honing in on fundamental pain points and unlocking the best sales success throughout the sales funnel. 

Building an avatar to represent your target audience requires a deep understanding of their problems and how your product or service can solve them. It can’t be generic if you hope to succeed. An effective inside sales strategy needs to feel personal and unique.

Once you establish a viable avatar, you want your sales reps to use it to craft an ideal buyer journey around that profile. What are your buyer’s greatest needs and obstacles? How does your product or service help them?

This step in the inbound sales process is more complicated for B2B sales professionals who must consider several different decision-makers with unique concerns. It’s helpful to employ cross-team collaboration to address the different decision-makers you might encounter and have solutions for all of them.

Taking a deep dive into your buyers requires substantial data. Forward’s sales insights provide everything sales teams need to understand their clients better, including what they engage with and how long they spend on specific pages. 

It’s not just easier to identify the most interested parties; it’s possible to refine your content to be more appealing and attract potential customers as well.

5 Inside Sales Techniques That Work

2. Employ User-Friendly Platforms

Perhaps one of the most overlooked inside sales techniques and strategies is the user experience. Crafting a user-friendly website is crucial to boosting buyer engagement. 

People don’t spend time on websites or content they can’t use. If a page takes too long to load or isn’t mobile responsive, it won’t hold a buyer’s attention.

Every piece of content your buyer sees, including the website, should contain valuable information and be consistent and user-friendly. 

  • Have a clear call-to-action (CTA) at every turn. Use action verbs and incentivize prospects to move forward with you.
  • Provide insightful materials and items that encourage further exploration, like case studies.
  • Use clear, consistent language on all documents, pages, emails, and social media posts.
  • Create visually appealing pages, including landing pages and deal desks.

Forward supports inbound sales techniques by providing a Digital Sales Room to ensure consistency and support cross-team collaboration. It’s easier to track all sales materials for consistency and monitor progress, from initial contact through closing the deal. 

3. Cultivate Value-Driven Content

Anybody can create a blog and post relevant content several times per week. That’s simply not enough to boost buyer engagement. Your inside sales teams must cultivate a valuable sales pitch that entices buyers to return to your product or service repeatedly. 

Offering valuable pieces, like free templates, infographics, checklists, and product demos, supports inbound sales strategies and attracts customers. As a bonus, these content pieces drive product value through a controlled environment, allowing you to distribute high-level information with a single click. 

Forward supplies teams with a library of expert, pre-defined templates for many sales situations. Save time and create consistency without compromising the ability to personalise content for each buyer persona. 

4. Get Social

Social media marketing is here to stay, providing inside sales professionals another avenue to connect with prospects. Sharing valuable insights and success stories, creating interactive content, and showcasing your brand’s unique qualities resonates with your target audience and builds brand awareness.

Forward makes it possible to manage all social media accounts with seamless integrations. It’s easier than ever to track and manage multiple social media accounts from one dashboard.

5. Automate the Sales Process To Save Time

A sales rep has more tasks to juggle in a remote sales world, but automation makes it possible to alleviate some of the most mundane. Relinquish some control of those cumbersome, routine marketing efforts so they can focus on more pressing matters, like client interactions.

For example, instead of running weekly reports, you could set automation to deliver them to your inbox every Friday morning. You could use automation messaging to boost buyer engagement with more personalised content.

Forward’s seamless integrations with popular sales tools allow sales teams to set, manage, and refine automations as needed. Reduce the chaos of sales emails by creating a more usable environment to boost buyer engagement. 

Elevate Your Inbound Sales Techniques With Forward

An inside sales rep faces increasingly tricky tasks in the virtual world, but these inbound sales techniques can make all the difference for your team. Focusing on delivering a profoundly personal buyer experience is crucial, and the right tools can make it easier for your team.

Forward offers a comprehensive solution to boost buyer engagement and help your inbound sales methodology succeed. 

  • Access real-time buyer insights to help you drill down to what your prospects need. 
  • Monitor trends and engagement from a centralised hub.
  • Support cross-team collaboration with real-time interactions, like chat and video calls.
  • Increase efficiency with a library of templates to fit every sales scenario.
  • Personalise your buyer’s experience with customisable options, including micro-sites that create lasting impressions.

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