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Engaging Prospects During Trials: Techniques for Driving Conversion (+Free Template)

Does this sound familiar? Prospects sign up for the free trial but never convert to paid customers. 

Even the best products on the market struggle with conversions if they have gaps in the sales funnel around the free trial or demo. You need to know how to re-engage prospects and keep them engaged with your product. 

Are you ready to discover top strategies for engaging prospects at the critical demo stage? Learn how to identify the best leads, refine your messaging, and diversify your approach, all geared towards boosting conversion rates with your free trial.

5 Effective Strategies To Engage Prospects During Trial Periods

Knowing how to engage prospects during trial periods can be challenging for even the best sales team. It’s not always easy to know where your message gets lost in translation, or if it’s hitting the right notes, but these strategies will get your team back on track.

1. Identify and Engage With Qualified Leads

Not every prospect belongs in your target audience. It’s possible that some of your lost prospects don’t need your product or can’t afford it. Don’t waste time on lost causes when you could focus on qualified leads who need you as much as you need them.

When considering prospective buyers, consider some key questions that you can answer early in the process. 

  • Do they need your product? Ask clients direct questions to determine if your product fits their needs. 
  • Can they afford your product? If you primarily cater to multimillion-dollar corporations, a sole proprietorship may not have room in their budget.
  • Are they interested in your product? Answering this question is easiest with lead scoring, which requires quality data and analytics.

Forward's digital sales room supports sales teams with identifying qualified leads with various tools, including real-time communications, quality data, and lead scoring model.

2. Refine Your Message

Personalisation is key, and that means understanding your target audience to deliver the right message. Knowing how to engage with prospects is about wording as much as anything else. If you use the wrong verbiage in your CTA it’s not going to deliver.

Creating a functional call to action (CTA) requires more than using the word “free” to trigger a client reaction. You need to address pain points, appeal to emotions, and prop up your product as the ultimate solution.

A/B testing is one way to approach this issue. You can test different messaging to see which option delivers the best results.

Forward's digital sales room makes it easier for sales teams to collaborate on messaging and test different options.

3. Develop Outreach Through Multiple Channels 

If your team knows how to get prospects to engage over email but nothing else then you’re missing out on some key opportunities. Not every prospect enjoys email chains or solely relies on it to drive decisions. Embrace other channels, like chatbots, phone calls, and social media, to create a more comprehensive approach.

Leveraging multiple channels increases the likelihood of conversion because you can catch prospects at various points and using different media. Maybe your email planted a seed but seeing an engaging video on social media reinforced your message. 

Forward's digital sales room allows sales teams to access and engage with prospects through multiple channels. Teams also have an easier time keeping consistent messaging across all channels.

4. Craft an Easy and Enticing Trial

Building an enticing trial requires thought, planning, and insight to your target audience. Everything from the wording - is it a demo or free trial - can impact your trial’s effectiveness.

Additionally, enhancing the trial experience can yield more paid conversions.

  • Create a guided walkthrough that highlights key features and how to use them.
  • Provide access to a knowledge base with helpful tips, tricks, and guidance on using the platform.
  • Gamification and providing incentives can be powerful and engaging motivators.

Don’t forget to track customer engagement at each stage of a trial to narrow in on the best leads.

5 Effective Strategies To Engage Prospects During Trial Periods

5. Introduce Your Paid Plan at the Right Moment 

Be cautious about introducing the paid plan because time is everything. Starting those closing conversations too soon or waiting too long can be off putting to prospects. 

You have several options for moving the conversation in the right direction, including communicating what happens at the end of the trial or demo and offering short-term access to paid features as a teaser. 

As you introduce the paid version to prospects, be sure to craft a personalised, compelling offer. For example, your proposal might involve discounts for new subscribers.

Elevate Your Customer Journey With Forward

Using a Proof of Concept (POC) template streamlines your trial process and keeps everyone on the same page. 

View Forward’s template here.

Proof of Concept Template Overview

  • Goals: Set a clear target with the proof of concept.
  • Approach: Your tailored strategy will guide you towards your goals.
  • Stakeholders: Get acquainted with all the key players.

Project Milestones

  • POC Phases: With each phase, you'll encounter specific inputs and objectives.
  • Success Metrics: These are your benchmarks, helping you measure and validate your progress.

Solution Summary

  • Value Proposition: Proudly showcase the benefits your product/service offers to your clients.
  • Sales Tools: For a comprehensive understanding, you have embedded materials like a product demo, deep dives, and a shortcut to your product.
  • Support Materials: Provide access to a knowledge base for your clients, including a helpful FAQ section and tutorials.

Why Use Forward’s Sales Proof of Concept Template?

Using a POC template from Forward empowers your sales team by creating consistent tracking, including options for personalisation. It’s easier to track what aspects of the trial process draw the most attention and where clients drop out versus where they convert.

  • Teamwork Boost: A shared workspace for your sales and solutions experts.
  • Strategic Alignment: A clear path to validate product value, considering ROI.
  • Easy Management: All essential data and research under one roof.
  • Lead Generation: A system in place for auto-generating sales leads.
  • Better Results: Continuously refining your template for higher success rates.
  • Client First: Prioritising what customers need and expect.
  • Work Smarter: Embracing automation for enhanced customer support and business growth.
  • Perfecting POC: A clear, collaborative approach aligned with business goals.

How Forward’s Customers Use the Template

  • Framework Setup: Clear scope, timeline, and key contacts for your POC.
  • All-in-One Docs: A hub for all crucial POC resources, including meeting recordings.
  • From Idea to Green Light: Strategise, collaborate, and use insights to seal the deal.
  • Continuous Refinement: Harness feedback and user analytics to make the POC process even better.

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