Case Studies

Customer Success Story: Ekmob’s Transformation with Forward

Client: Ekmob

Industry: Technology Solutions for Sales Teams

Solution Provider: Forward

Feedback Provided by: Ömer, Sales Director at Ekmob


Ekmob, a software company providing sales solutions, faced significant challenges in measuring customer engagement and outreach effectiveness. With no visibility on email read rates and attachment engagement, the sales team struggled to gauge interest and tailor their follow-ups effectively. The lack of insights into prospect behaviour made prioritising leads and maximising sales opportunities harder.

Solutions from Forward

Forward stepped in with advanced analytics and engagement tools designed to overturn Ekmob’s sales approach. By implementing Forward’s solutions, Ekmob gained unprecedented visibility into their outreach campaigns, with real open and read ratios derived from link clicks and detailed engagement rates, including who, when, and how much prospects interacted with their content.

“Forward has transformed our approach to sales and business development. Thanks to its dynamic capabilities, we've restructured our sales teams to drive sector-specific expertise and increase conversion rates. The possibility of moving our onboarding process to Forward is an exciting prospect. It's a valuable tool that fosters customer habits and enhances visibility. Forward isn't just a software; it's a strategic partner in our growth journey.”


The collaboration between Ekmob and Forward led to remarkable improvements across multiple metrics:

Cold Outreach

The email read rate has increased by 3.1x, from less than 5% to 15.5%. Forward’s analytics provided genuine open and read ratios through link clicks, offering a clear picture of customer engagement.

Client Engagement

Engagement with email content has skyrocketed by 27 times. Previously, Ekmob had less than 1% visibility on attachment engagement, a critical indicator of interest. With Forward, it rose to 27%, with detailed insights into who read or clicked, when, and to what extent.

Prospect Interest

The average Space visit resulted in 2.1 people per company engaging with Ekmob’s content. Before Forward, Ekmob needed more visibility on potential clients’ interest level or how their emails were circulated within prospect companies. Forward’s metrics now enable Ekmob to identify high-potential prospects effectively.

Client Reply Rate

The client reply rate has quadrupled. The SDR team’s reply rate was previously less than 1%, including both negative and positive responses. With Forward, the team now enjoys a 3.8% reply rate, encompassing both chat and email replies.

“In my 20 years of sales experience, I always aimed for a wow effect first and then something sustainable. Forward created that wow effect for us. “ - Ömer Can Bozkurt | Head of Sales, Ekmob

In conclusion, Ekmob and Forward showcase how digital sales rooms can solve sales challenges. Forward's strong analytics and engagement solutions raised email read rates, customer interaction, and prospect interest, boosted Ekmob's sales success. Ekmob's customer contact strategy improves as the relationship succeeds, confirming Forward's role as a strategic partner. Ekmob and Forward demonstrate how digital sales rooms might help tech-driven firms.

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