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Crafting the Perfect Pitch: Lessons From the Best Agency Pitch Decks

Building a winning agency pitch deck isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know where to start. Starting with a vague idea or a few loose concepts is far from a cohesive presentation that checks all the boxes.

Stop spinning your wheels and do a little research to find inspiration. Looking into what other companies have done can help you narrow your focus. To kick things off, check out some lessons from the best agency pitch decks. 

Keep It Simple

Have you ever landed on a website that’s little more than a wall of text? Maybe the website uses several different fonts and a new colour scheme on every page. Sitting through a presentation of overloaded slides has the same effect.  

As you build your own pitch deck, consider simplicity. Be careful to leave plenty of white space and use consistent fonts and colours throughout your presentation. 

Apptopia and Dropbox are two pitch deck examples that focus on simplicity. While the branding remains prevalent on the first slide, it takes a backseat through the rest of the pitch deck. Both firms use limited text that’s clear and actionable so that buyers know what they get and what’s expected of them.

If you struggle with building a clean, clear sales pitch deck, consider starting with a template. Forward provides a library of expert templates that fit any sales scenario and can be customised to meet your needs.

Present the Problem, Define the Solution

A stellar agency pitch deck sets itself up as the solution to a buyer’s problem. These firms understand their buyers well enough to know their pain points and how to solve them. 

To employ this approach, you need to understand your buyer on a deep level. You need to understand the struggles and concerns of every decision-maker involved in choosing your product. 

Sometimes, that will involve addressing your competitors and differentiating your product. Be prepared to share data on your competition to showcase how you offer a superior solution to your potential clients.

Healx showcases this approach by presenting stark statistics and positioning its product as the solution.

  • Highlighting the thousands of rare diseases with few approved treatments positions Big Pharma as the “bad guy,” creating a common enemy for many startups and smaller agencies.
  • The platform explains how it works in simple terms. They use AI to analyse rare diseases and existing drugs to find ways to repurpose existing drugs to treat the rare illnesses.
  • Providing statistics on their biotech success rates compared to traditional methods showcases efficiency and serves as a differentiator in a niche industry. 

Despite the complexity of their product, and the overall topic, Healx avoids jargon and simplifies concepts. This good pitch deck approach will appeal to all decision-makers in your target audience, including those who might not have the technical expertise.

Create Your Perfect Pitch With Forward

Use Engaging Visuals

It’s possible to keep things simple but engaging. Well-placed images and videos can serve as a wow factor and boost buyer engagement with your successful agency pitch deck. 

  • Keep visual elements consistent throughout the sales deck. 
  • A well crafted pitch deck doesn't go overboard with too many images and videos.
  • Stick with a theme or something that complements your brand and enhances storytelling.

Cloudera and Crunchbase are two agencies that do this well but for different reasons. While Cloudera leans into the cloud theme with an image on every slide, it’s not overpowering or distracting.

The Crunchbase pitch deck example opens the presentation with a discussion of icebergs and how you can only see part of it from the top, but beneath, it’s much more profound. The firm then carries the ice theme throughout, using it for visual effects and storytelling. 

Forward's centralised deal content makes it easy to collect, store, and use various images and videos. Your team can maintain a digital media library for presentations and pull from it as needed to craft engaging pitch decks.

Create Your Perfect Pitch With Forward

The best agency pitch decks know how to balance simplicity with engaging elements. A blend of whitespace and clean text with vivid visuals support storytelling and commands your buyer’s attention. Round out a successful pitch by building it around your buyer’s pain points and arriving at your product as the ultimate solution.

Forward supports teams with crafting the perfect pitch deck by providing the necessary tools. 

  • Boost buyer engagement with interactive presentations featuring stunning visuals and cohesive slides.
  • Make sure every team has a say in the final product with real-time collaboration.
  • Understand your buyer’s needs and intent with detailed analytics.
  • You don’t have to start from scratch when you can access an agency pitch deck template library.
  • Seamless integrations with popular platforms allow you to pull data and content from your favourite tools.

Empower your team by providing the tools to build successful pitch decks. Forward brings everything together under one dashboard, allowing your entire team to collaborate from first contact through onboarding.

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