E-signature, Attachment widget, better action plans & more - Forward March '24 Updates! 🚀

You may have missed some of the updates we made recently. We've got some awesome news to share with you! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

1. 🖊️ E-signature is in beta!

Say goodbye to the hassle of external e-signature tools! With our new e-signature feature, signing documents within Forward is now a breeze. No more jumping between different platforms or dealing with complicated processes. Just smooth, seamless e-signatures, right where you need them!

E-signature is currently in beta. We are waiting for you to try and send your feedback to us, so we will improve it to suit your needs more and make your work easier!

2.📎 Attachment Widget

Keep your files organized and accessible with our brand new Attachment Widget! Whether it's documents, images, or external links, you can now display them neatly in a list format within your spaces. Say hello to a clutter-free workspace and enhanced collaboration!

3. 🛠️ Custom Deal Stages

Take control of your deal pipelines like never before! With Custom Deal Stages, you can tailor your pipeline stages to perfectly fit your unique workflow. From prospecting to closing, you decide the stages that work best for you. Flexibility and customization at your fingertips!

4. 📧 Outlook Integration

Sending invites and announcements just got a whole lot easier! With Outlook Integration, you can now send emails directly from your own email address within Forward. No more switching back and forth between platforms – everything you need is right here! Visit your integrations page to connect your Outlook account.

5. 🤝 Client Share Capability

Our new Client Share Capability feature makes it easier than ever for visitors to invite new members to your space. Whether it's clients, partners, or colleagues, expanding your network has never been this effortless!

6. 🔍 HubSpot Company & Deal Search

With HubSpot Integration, you can now search and select existing HubSpot companies and deals directly within Forward!

7. 🎯 Action Buttons on Action Plans

With Action Buttons, you can add customizable buttons to each task within your action plans. Want your client to read a document or schedule a meeting with you? Just let them click the button and take action – it's that simple!

These updates are designed to make your Forward experience smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable than ever before. Dive in and start exploring today!

Forward Team

if you've stuck around till the end, I've got an exciting sneak peek for you! 👀 🧡Brace yourself because in the near future, Forward is about to become even more amazing with the ability to integrate with over 5000 applications! How cool is that? Stay tuned for all the awesome updates coming your way!

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