Get the deal done seamlessly with Digital Sales Rooms

Centralise your sales and onboarding process into simple, personalized shared space for each customer.
Forward digital sales room image showing how to centralise the entire buyer journey

Multi-media embed

Consolidate all deal-related content in a single, dedicated location for each deal.

No more searching through endless email threads or cloud storage folders.

Keep all your sales presentations, proposals, demos, and links easily accessible for faster buyer decision.

Live chat & comments

Engage with your buyers seamlessly by facilitating real-time collaboration within the sales room.

Empower customers to ask questions, send files, and interact with your team throughout the entire sales process.

Handle objections smooethly, and provide your buyers with the information the need when they need it and experinece faster decision-making.
An image showing an example of Forward action plans

Mutual action plans

Take control of your sales process with interactive success plans.

Build interactive plans within the sales room, assign tasks, set deadlines, and align all stakeholders on the next steps.

Keep the momentum up and ensure everyone involved stays accountable and informed.

Personalised workspaces

Stand out from the competition by creating custom micro-sites for each deal.

Tailor the content with your buyer's logo and banner, delivering a personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Make a lasting first impression to increases buyer engagement and win more deals.


Save time and effort with FORWARD's expert templates for various sales scenarios.

Implement proven sales processes in minutes, tailored to each step of the sales cycle.

Never start from scratch again and ensure consistency across your team's selling efforts.

Engagement analytics

Stay informed about your prospects' behavior and intent with sales insights.

Track their activities in the sales room, from viewing content to reading proposals.

Get real-time notifications and valuable insights to optimize your follow-ups and close deals more effectively.

30+ Integrations

FORWARD seamlessly integrates with popular CRM systems and sales tools.

Link account and opportunity data with Forward workspaces to gain a comprehensive view of your sales activities.

Boost productivity and eliminate manual data entry by syncing with your preferred tools.

Move your sales FORWARD today!

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