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"In my experience with Forward, what I appreciated most was the ability to maintain control and visibility over the intensity of the deal. About the designing the content of the proposal; previously, as I mentioned, it was emails sent a year later with 10 attachments and 4,000 characters. Today, it's something a bit more refined from a buyer experience standpoint, which I now have in hand."
Theo Sainte Marie
Sales Manager
About client company
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Blacksales is the go-to solution for BtoB sales and marketing teams aiming to surpass their pipeline and revenue targets. The company helps businesses scale and automate their outbound sales processes seamlessly. From finding the right prospects to contacting them, analyzing responses, following up, and updating the CRM, Blacksales covers it all.


Blacksales’ sales operations faced several challenges, including;

  • Uncertainty regarding the duration of sales cycles
  • Inability to track prospect engagement effectively
  • Lack of centralized document management and sharing
  • Difficulty in ensuring documents reached the right recipients


Blacksales decided to implement Forward to overcome these challenges and streamline their sales processes. Forward provided them with the following solutions:

  1. Predictive Insights: By analyzing engagement data provided by Forward, sales team gained insights into the duration and intensity of sales cycles, enabling more accurate forecasting and strategic planning.
  2. Enhanced Prospect Engagement Tracking: Forward's tracking capabilities allowed to monitor prospect engagement levels, ensuring timely follow-ups and personalized interactions.
  3. Centralized Document Management: A digital sales room enabled to centralize all documents within a shared workspace, ensuring easy access and collaboration for all stakeholders.
  4. Improved Document Tracking: With Forward, the company could track document interactions in real-time, ensuring that important materials were not overlooked or forgotten.


The implementation of Forward resulted in significant improvements in the company’s sales operations:

Efficient Document Management

Forward streamlined document sharing and management, reducing the risk of documents being lost or overlooked.

Improved Prospect Engagement

With Forward's tracking capabilities, the company could monitor prospect engagement and tailor their interactions accordingly, leading to increased responsiveness and engagement.

Predictive Sales Insights

Forward provided Black Sales with valuable insights into sales cycles, enabling us to forecast outcomes more accurately and allocate resources more effectively.

Favorite Forward Features

  • Centralized Document Management
  • Real-time Engagement Tracking
  • Predictive Sales Insights
Our experience with Forward has transformed our sales processes, empowering us to manage documents more efficiently, engage prospects more effectively, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. With Forward as an integral part of our sales toolkit, we are confident in our ability to drive continued growth and success in the competitive B2B market.

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