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"So today, I have a dashboard, Analytics, which allows me to have a view of what is won, what is lost, to move deals to won, to move deals to lost, even for my teams. These are evolving elements, but they are very important to me in my daily life, providing an overview of what is happening globally with the accounts of our prospects in the blink of an eye.”
Ludovic Vannier
VP Sales & Customer Success
About client company
Advertising Services
Antvoice is the pioneer of unique advertising targeting A.I. in Europe. Their ambition is straightforward: to revolutionize digital advertising into smart ads. Using finely-tuned behavioral analysis, powerful mathematical models, and advanced machine learning, antvoice detects the purchasing intentions of every user. This allows them to personalize and optimize the advertising experience for each individual.


Antvoice encountered several challenges in its sales and management operations, including:

  • Lack of centralized communication and collaboration tools.
  • Difficulty in tracking sales interactions and progress.
  • Inefficient management of sales pipelines and prospects' data.
  • Limited visibility into prospect engagement and response rates.


Antvoice embraced Forward as a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. Forward facilitated seamless communication, streamlined collaboration, and enhanced visibility into sales activities and prospect engagement. Key features and functionalities of Forward include

  1. Centralized Communication: Forward provided a unified platform for real-time communication and collaboration among sales teams and prospects. Through Forward's chat functionality, sales representatives could engage with prospects, address inquiries, and share relevant information effortlessly.
  2. Structured Sales Process: Antvoice used Forward to create structured sales processes, guiding prospects through various stages of engagement. From initial discovery to proposal submission and beyond, Forward enabled Antvoice to maintain consistency and clarity in its sales approach.
  3. Template Creation and Customization: Antvoice leveraged Forward's template creation feature to develop standardized templates for sales communications. Sales teams could personalize these templates according to the specific needs and preferences of individual prospects, ensuring a tailored and impactful communication strategy.
  4. Prospect Engagement Tracking: With Forward, Antvoice gained valuable insights into prospect engagement and interaction. Sales managers could monitor prospect activities within shared spaces, track responses, and identify areas for follow-up or further engagement.
  5. Analytics and KPI Monitoring: Forward equipped Antvoice with robust analytics and KPI monitoring capabilities. Through customizable dashboards and analytics tools, sales managers could gain a comprehensive overview of sales performance, track deal progression, and identify opportunities for optimization.


By using Forward, Antvoice achieved significant improvements in its sales and management efficiency, including:

Streamlined Communication

Forward facilitated seamless communication and collaboration, enabling sales teams to engage with prospects more effectively and efficiently.

Improved Sales Process

Antvoice established a structured sales process through Forward, enhancing clarity, consistency, and responsiveness in its interactions with prospects.

Enhanced Prospect Engagement

With Forward's prospect engagement tracking features, Antvoice gained valuable insights into prospect behavior, enabling targeted follow-up and engagement strategies.

Centralized Data Management

Forward served as a centralized repository for prospect data, communication history, and sales activities, providing sales managers with a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline and prospect interactions.

Informed Decision-Making

Through Forward's analytics and KPI monitoring capabilities, Antvoice empowered sales managers with actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

"We often encounter individuals who inform us that they didn't receive our email, or that they didn't receive the attachments in our email, or they can't find our previous exchanges. With Forward, we can easily address these issues, as we have visibility into who connected, when they connected, and what they accessed.”

Favorite Forward Features

  • Customised Templates
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Prospects’ Insights
  • Real-time Chat

Antvoice's adoption of Forward has changed its sales and management processes, driving efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency across the organization. By using Forward's advanced features and functionalities, Antvoice has enhanced communication, optimized sales workflows, and gained valuable insights into prospect engagement and sales performance. With Forward as a cornerstone of its sales and management strategy, Antvoice is positioned for continued success and growth in the competitive market.

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